Pop into Being (Album)

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“Successful one-man project by mega talent.

The name Van der Feen is well known to many musicians. The four brothers are all bursting with talent on their own instrument and have a jazz quartet together. After years of focusing on bass, the bass-playing brother, Clemens, has once again tapped into his songwriting skills and released this delightful solo album. Truly a solo album: with a few minor exceptions, he played all instruments himself. In some cases that leads to a jumble of an album full of ideas, some of which are good and the rest a bit mediocre, but not in this case. Pop Into Being is a wonderful album that is reminiscent of artists such as Bent van Looy, Wilco and Jonathan Wilson. Now and then you suddenly hear the jazz roots emerge, for example in the beautiful choirs of Ukulele Warrior. Clemens ‘Zebulon’ van der Feen can be very proud of this album, because it is a beautiful record with great songs, that sometimes move in a slightly different direction than you expect.”  Hidde Roorda, Music Maker July 2022




All compositions, arrangements, vocals and instruments* by Clemens Zebulon, except: 

flutes on “Lay Down” by Anna May van der Feen, additional backing vocals by Yfke de Jong on ‘Ukulele Warrior’.

Vocals on “Stand Up” by Tutu Puoane. Additional backing vocals by Mpho Pierreux.

*piano, (bass) guitars, double bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums, percussion, viola da gamba, synthesizers, harpsichord, 

All instruments were recorded in the “Muziekhuisje”, except harpsichord on ‘Never Ever Ever’, recorded at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Mixed by Papa Flagellum at the “Muziekhuisje”

Mastered at Jerboa Mastering 

Cover photo by Jens van der Velde

Artwork by Lizaveta Smerdjasjsjaja

Thanks first of all to the Creator of heaven and earth and music.

Thanks to Yfke for the support, endurance, ruthless criticism and unwavering love!!! Thanks to Jacob, Kee en Loïs for being fantastic kids and putting up with me being in the ‘muziekhuisje’ too much.

Thanks to Tutu, Anna May, Mpho for the great singing and playing!

Thanks to Mark Schilders, Flin van Hemmen, Peter Tiehuis, Ewout Pierreux & Matthijs van der Feen for advise on the mix.

Thanks to all the musicians I get to play with for the inspiration.